Finding Your Learner’s Voice (Becoming Globally Connected)

Here are some great thoughts about teachers giving themselves the liberty and validity to tweet or blog their own ideas. In a very short video, you can see how a blog works and you’ll quickly see why classes have adopted this to communicate their learning…

Then, pair this thought with the new found power in a teacher’s or student’s global voice. Twitter can be included in this discussion, as well as Blogs. If you were wondering “What would little ‘ol me be able to tell the world?”, then watch this next video…

I urge teachers and classes to either look at beginning with Twitter or Blogging (or both). Now is a very good time to dip the toe in. Teachers and students are exploring this potent connectedness all over the world right now.

If you’re wanting to dip your toe into Twitter – keep in mind that there are two ways of going about this. The first one is for professional learning and connecting with other educators. Fabulous professional reading can be found in Twitter. The second is to share the learning that’s happening in your class. The two approaches have different audiences and should be set up with this in mind. If you want a class Twitter account, set it up with the appropriate name (possibly the class name @address). If you’re setting it up for professional learning, I’d set it up with your own name (or nickname) in mind. And if you’re setting up two accounts, then you can manipulate both accounts on your phone or device, no problem! I switch between the @StAgathasPS and my own twitter account (@amcd72) all the time, depending which audience I want to tweet to. And it’s not that difficult.

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