The Flipped Classroom

Teachers are hearing more and more about the concept of the ‘Flipped Classroom’. Technology has made this possible with the availability of video and made especially easy with students having 1:1 mobile devices. I came across this particularly good summary of the Flipped Classroom but there are a few YouTube videos that do an even better job at explaining the benefits of this.

With the 1:1 year 5s this year, they have been able to delve into the Flipped Classroom idea. They combine the use of iPad apps such as Explain Everything, the use of YouTube videos and the web-based workflow solution called ‘Stile’. The students themselves have reported that they enjoy the freedom of watching an instructional video and responding with some form of activity. The freedom is what makes this appealing for them. They can pause, rewind and rewatch the video as much as they like – no pressure and taking the time they need, at the pace they feel comfortable with. We know that when we have questioning sessions in the classroom, there are some students who will opt out of contributing. Some dislike the fast paced environment and are afraid of not having the answers quick enough. Even when teachers are mindful of this and give plenty of ‘think’ time in between questions, some students don’t like to let everyone know that they don’t have an answer. The Flipped Classroom is a saviour for these students. I have only focused on one benefit. There are many more benefits as you’ll see in this YouTube video by Katie Gimbar…

Flipped Classroom

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